North Carolina

Staying Healthy, Staying Connected: COVID-19 info for prisoners

A zine created by Blue Ridge Anarchist Black Cross with information for prisoners about the coronavirus outbreak. Primarily in English with some Spanish sections, and designed for North Carolina inmates although most of the information will be applicable elsewhere.

North Carolina hunger strikers thank supporters after winning concessions

Last week, the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC) put out a call to participate in a phone zap campaign in support of a hunger strike to win better conditions at the Scotland Correctional Institution in North Carolina. What follows is a message from one of the hunger strikers thanking people for taking part in the action.

‘We knew where the power was’: Conversations with organizers of the North Carolina Prisoners’ Labor Union

A set of interviews, conducted by Jonathan Michels, with organisers involved in the North Carolina Prisoners’ Labor Union during the 1970s. This article originally appeared in the San Francisco Bay View, and readers who find it useful may wish to donate to keep the Bay View in print.

Announcing Operation P.O.W.: NC Prisoner Calls for Truce and Solidarity with the National August 21st Strike

The following is a proposal from an NC prisoner to establish a truce and join the mass demonstration and prison strike movement. He has asked to not be anonymous, and for outside supporters to spread this call in mainstream media as well as inside publications.

Unforgiving and Inconsolable: Durham Against the Police (2013-14)

Unforgiving and Inconsolable: Durham Against the Police (2013-14)

An account of the movement in Durham, North Carolina, after the police killing of Chuy Huerta in late 2013. Found hosted at the Ferguson & Further collection about anti-police revolts.

Emergency appeal from fired IWW truckers

Truckers organizing with the IWW in North Carolina and Virginia dealing with retaliation, need support.

IWW-affiliated truckers to strike

On Dec 8, North Carolina log haulers and container drivers - many who are misclassified as "independent contractors" - will be holding a work stoppage. They are demanding paper giant Weyerhaeuser and its subcontractors recognize their newly formed union, the United Truckers Cooperative.

US: Truck plant strike leaders sacked

Two weeks after a wildcat strike against layoffs, eleven Freightliner LLC workers in North Carolina have been fired.

Union calls off truck plant wildcat strike

Cleveland Freightliner plant

With layoffs imminent, truck manufacturing workers in North Carolina walked out until union officials called off the action.