Emergency appeal from fired IWW truckers

Truckers organizing with the IWW in North Carolina and Virginia dealing with retaliation, need support.

Submitted by nicelilworker on January 18, 2009

The IWW has been organizing Truck Drivers in Eastern North Carolina and Virginia for much of the past year. In response to our growing power and planned founding convention this upcoming weekend, the bosses have begun firing the union's leadership. Two log drivers and five container haulers have lost their job over the past two days. [more recent reports say 27 now out of work.]

The union is already discussing legal and direct action means to fight these unjust firings, but right now we need funds to support our fired drivers.
These drivers have families to support and this is a part of the country where economic opportunities are very limited. Please offer whatever you can, drivers are counting on you.

Checks can be sent to the Freight Truckers Organizing Committee at
PO Box 274, Waukegan, IL 60079. Please include "emergency relief" in the memo line.

We are in the process of setting a PayPal Acct for online donations. You will be informed as soon as it is ready.

Thank you and please be generous.


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Thanks for posting this FW, saved me a bit of trouble.


Please be generous.