Subversion #23

Issue 23 of the Manchester-based libertarian communist journal, Subversion. This issue focuses on class composition, with discussions about job centre workers and more.

Submitted by Steven. on November 2, 2012


Most of this issue of Subversion is taken up with articles and correspondence around the theme of class composition and the relationship between different sections of the working class in the course of struggle. Some of the earlier background to this can be found in issues no. 21 and 22 and in sections of The Second Best of Subversion.

We think this is an important theme for discussion amongst revolutionaries which needs to be based, whenever possible, on experience and knowledge gained in the actual practice of the class struggle ( and not just in Britain!). Because everyone's experience is inevitably partial, attempts at generalisation are equally inevitably limited in value. By bringing these together in debate and testing them in practice we hope to learn as we go along! Articles and correspondence have been selected with this approach in mind (even when they do occasionally contain unnecessary patronising remarks or name-calling!).

We should stress again that signed articles do not necessarily represent the views of Subversion. Also, whilst our group does discuss and seek agreement on unsigned articles it does not follow that every member agrees with every comment in such articles.

We have decided not to publish in this issue further contributions we have received on the subject of Green Anarchism/Communism, but if you are interested in this continuing debate we can photocopy the further correspondence for you.




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