Subversion #21

Issue of Subversion from around early 1997 with articles about the Albanian uprising, South Korea, Liverpool dockers, green communism, the JSA, IRA and more.

Subversion first issue

First magazine put out by the Subversion group in May/June 1988, by former members of Wildcat. The group later decided to instead publish a free agitational journal with the same name, which restarted from issue 1 below in this archive.

Subversion #8

Issue of Subversion with articles about diabetes, the Russian coup, Militant, the "New World order", Animal Liberation Front attacks on cheese shops and Marxism and anarchism.

Subversion #6

Issue of Subversion from 1991 with articles about the UK public sector cuts amidst the recession, famine, the collapse of the Eastern Bloc and the Gulf War.

Subversion #5

Article of Subversion from early 1991 with articles about the Gulf War, a strike in Turkey, the troubles in Northern Ireland and the poll tax and the official left groups.

Subversion #1

PDF of the first issue of Subversion, mostly about the poll tax.

Subversion #19

Issue 19 of Subversion with articles about fighting the introduction of Job Seekers Allowance and the "three strikes" tactic, the Merseyside dockers dispute, strikes in Detroit newspapers and Royal mail and more.

Subversion #23

Issue 23 of the Manchester-based libertarian communist journal, Subversion. This issue focuses on class composition, with discussions about job centre workers and more.

Spoofversion - incorporating Subversion #24

A spoof issue of the Subversion journal, which was its final issue, published in autumn 1998.

A discussion about primitivism and the future society

A letter exchange about primitivism between Green Anarchist and Steve from Hastings in response to an article in Subversion issue 22 (currently unavailable online) from 1997.