Successful autoworker strike in Russia

Kaluga Benteler auto workers win strike in battle over wages, collective agreements and union recognition.

Submitted by Django on April 3, 2012

Workers at a factory in the city of Kaluga, Soutwest of Moscow have ended a strike over a number of issues, with demands for an increase in wages from the 18,000 roubles ($600) per month they are currently paid.

Workers say that the wages are below comparable pay in the region, which houses an industrial hub.

While an official end to the dispute has not been reached, the strike has stopped after management agreed to raise wages, begin drawing up a new collective agreement from Monday, and recognise negotiators from the Interregional Trade Union of Autoworkers (ITUA).

Management had used strikebreakers to attempt to win the dispute, including university students, office staff, construction workers and "several" autoworkers from Volkwagen according to reports, who are the recipients of parts supplied from the Benteler factory.

Workers had blockaded traffic and scab labour from entering the factory grounds, and parts from leaving.



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Submitted by IlyaMatveev on April 4, 2012

The strike was not about wages, it was only about recognition of the union and collective bargaining. The management didn't agree to raise wages, this would be settled during the negotiations, which were opened by the strike.

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