Belgium: Wildcat strike at Volvo Europa factory

Volvo Europa workers on Thursday
Volvo Europa workers on Thursday

Workers at the truck factory in Oostakker, walked out during negotiations over pay.

Submitted by jef costello on July 6, 2007

In a vote on Friday 78% of workers rejected management's offer. After this rejection a meeting had been planned between management and the unions for Wednesday. At 10am the workers spontaneously stopped working.

According to Steven Deplu from the FGTB union the workers were unhappy with the management's assessment of cost of living increases. The workers also feel that they should be rewarded for the recent success of the factory.

Management initially offered a bonus of 500 euros to workers, this was rejected by workers on Wednesday. The offer was then doubled by management after the wildcat began. The improved offer was rejected by 67% of workers in a vote on Thursday, as two-thirds of workers voted against the offer the strike action will continue. Further negotiations have been scheduled for this morning.