Brussels: Volkswagen strike enters third week

Workers at the Volkswagen plant in Brussels are on strike for a third week after the company announced upto 4,000 job losses there.

Submitted by Mike Harman on December 9, 2006

Workers have blockaded the factory, and up to 25,000 people have been involved in protest marches

Volkswagen is withdrawing production of the Golf model from the plant, and although three weeks into the strike it has now promised to start producing Audis there in 2009, workers still believe there will be job cuts, wage reductions and other measures, so have stayed on strike. The strike also includes subcontractors at the plant, not employed directly by Volkswagen but still likely to lose their jobs in any restructuring. Although VW claim there'll be 1,500 remaining jobs, that these cuts are a prelude to closure.

In August this year, several thousand Volkswagen workers in Brazil went on strike indefinitely after the company announced they would sack 1,800 out of 12,000 workers there.

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