Successful strike at Opel-GM in Antwerp

GM strikers in Antwerp in January 2006
GM strikers in Antwerp in January 2006

Belgian car workers won a short strike to demand less work and more workers employed at their plant in Antwerp.

Submitted by Steven. on April 6, 2006

Particularly against the background of the GM management's threat of global mass redundancies this victory is quite exceptional.

On 31 March the majority of the day-shift decided to lay down tools in order to protest against the work load and to demand additional workers be employed.

The strike started in the body-shop and spread to the whole plant. Production stopped. At a meeting unions and management agreed on hiring 80 additional temp workers.

The workers decided to continue the action because the company did not promise to pay the hours lost due to the walk out. Production was resumed the following Monday. 

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From prol-position news #6 | 7/2006