Transgressions #4 (1998)

Transgressions 4 cover

Partial contents of the fourth issue of this post-situationist journal.

Submitted by Fozzie on March 30, 2024

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  • Critique of Economic Policy - Asger Jorn (with introduction by Alastair Bonnett)
  • Moving Mountains: "Shamanic" rock art and the international of experimental artists - Simon Crook


  • Glasgow 1997, South Africa 1900: The event of the year: Psychogeographers in sensational coincidence - The Urban Research Group
  • Darton, Pontefract and Beyond: An exploration by rail - Roger Doyle
  • Mondo Mitomane 1994-6: Notes on multiple name mythopoiesis as the cutting edge of psychogeography - Luther Blissett
  • Traffic Derive - D. Fasio, Nottingham Psychogeographical Unit

Review Articles:


The City of Collective Memory by M. Christine Boyer, Irene's Cunt by Louis Aragon, Robinson in Space by Patrick Keiller, Mind Invaders by Stewart Home (ed), Three psychogeographical websites, Dreamtime is upon us! by the Association of Autonomous Astronauts, Situationists: art, politics, urbanismo by Andreoti L & Costa X.

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