UnOccupy the prisons: challenging Wells Fargo's investment in private prisons

Video from a 2011 joint action between Occupy Wallstreet and Take Back the Land to target Wells Fargo's investment in the private prison system.

Submitted by Eviction Free Zone on July 4, 2015

With the private prison-industrial complex in discussion right now, especially in light of the sweeping Marijuana legalizations that still leave drug prisoners locked away, we are looking back at an action that was organized by organizers from Occupy Wallstreet, Take Back the Land, Rochester Red and Black and Occupy Rochester in 2011. Attempting to target the investment that Wells Fargo bank has in the private prison system as a source of financial investment, they tried to link up that system with the current for-profit system of precarious housing that Wells Fargo is a key player in. The video outlines the action as it happens, and reminds us that these issues and movement do not happen in a vacuum and can come together to share goals.



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good video