Vanguard (Vol. 3, No. 4, October-November 1936)

The October-November 1936 issue of Vanguard, an anarchist journal published out of New York, with articles by Sidney Solomon and Emma Goldman.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on June 5, 2015


-"Whom the gods would destory..." by I. Radinowsky

-Highlights of the Spanish Revolution by S. Morrison (a.k.a. Sidney Solomon)

-Anarchist position on CIO

-Elections: the long range view by Senex (a.k.a. Mark Schmidt)

-Towards libertarian communism by Senex (a.k.a. Mark Schmidt)

-The Soviet executions by Emma Goldman

-John L. Lewis: new messiah by David Lawrence

-Real wages in the Russian city by D. Rosenblum

-Justice at home and beyond