Wildcat strike at a Russian army-supplying plant and the first mass armed desertion in Donbass


Very interesting incidents take place in Russia towards the end of spring. Let's hope this is just the beginning!

Submitted by Thunderbird on May 29, 2023

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On May 17, reports appeared in the media about a strike and protests by several dozen workers at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (UAZ). Plant workers gathered for a rally in the workshop and complained about low wages, according to the Baza Telegram channel, which published a video from within. Over the past month, the employees received an average of 20 thousand rubles each, the report says. According to the post, the workers demanded an increase in wages, but dispersed by the evening of the same day.

It happened an hour before the end of the shift. The workers of the new conveyor, about 50 men in overalls, around 16.00 stopped the work of the entire line for the production of "Patriots". Noise all around. Some men climbed onto the cars.

- The plant is on strike! No salary! - comments one of the employees.

To reassure the people, the new general director of UAZ, Alexei Spirin, came out. According to him, from July the level of payment will increase by 12%, there will be another wave of indexation.

Seven active participants of the protest were taken to the police department of the Zasviyazhsky district and threatened with criminal charges. The reason could be a Spirin’s statement on the fact of "illegal actions". Insiders said that not only the activists who drafted a collective letter demanding higher wages were asked, but also the plant management. UAZ is an enterprise of the military-industrial complex. In this regard, actions that can lead to the disruption of the state defense order can be presented as sabotage. In other words, the war, as usually, serves as an excellent means for the authorities and capital to suppress the class struggle.

Ulyanovsk governor Alexei Russkih visited this enterprise on May 24. He stated that agreed to raise the wages for workers, also asked the plant management to remain in dialogue with the collective. At the same time, he believes that workers are paid above the average in the region. Is there such an idiot in the world who, in all seriousness, believe in the phrase "salary is above the average for some territory"? Ulyanovsk is one of the poorest regions on Volga, if the average salary is not enough for a month, then what does he boast about?

But the hottest things happened near the front line. 39 ex-prisoners escaped from the "Storm Z" training camp in Lisichansk (the so-called "Lugansk People’s Republic"). The law enforcement forces of the Rostov region received an orientation on the deserters:

During the escape, the overseer died. It took place on May 24, writes Baza. The fugitive criminals are reportedly armed with automatic weapons and can travel by two vehicles: a KamAZ truck and Mitsubishi L200. The source from Russian-controlled part of Donbass said to the Rostov news portal:

"Indeed, reports have been sent to internal structures that interact with the internal affairs bodies in the Rostov region. In addition, a number of heads of administrations who neighbor us in the border areas received information. Those who left the territory of military facilities on May 24 are former prisoners who were here under a contract. Only one serviceman of the Ministry of State Security of the LPR was killed. He tried to stop the deserters from escaping."

On May 27, it also became known about the escape of 7 armed ex-prisoners from a Russian military unit near Soledar in the Donetsk region. Soon, three of them were captured near Bryanka, two ones were detained very drunken in a cafe in Bryanka, another one was shot dead by his "comrades" for desire to surrender.

We are monitoring the situation and will update this material as soon as there is more news.

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