Workers' struggles in Asia (February 2011)

Indonesian garment workers on strike
Indonesian garment workers on strike

Summary and links to news stories of workers' struggles around Asia (focusing on East Asia) during February 2011 and related resources. The most important stories appear on my Twitter feed as soon as I find them:

Submitted by Spartacus on March 1, 2011

With protests continuing to spread in the Middle East and North Africa, it was inevitable that the western media would start speculating about it spreading to China. Certainly the events there have not gone unwatched in China - there has been a song about it (, leaflets handed out about it ( and of course the mysterious calls for a 'Jasmine Revolution' ( - lots more links below). However, so far the latter has only brought out huge numbers of police and foreign reporters, so it is probably too early to expect things to really kick off.

On the other hand, there have been a couple of reports of the usual disturbances this month. Villagers in Guangxi besieged township offices, smashing police cars (, while in Shenzhen striking bus workers clashed with police ( Reports are that the state has been tightening the flow of information more than usual, so it is possible there were more incidents that haven't been reported.

North Korea has also apparently seen some protests (, though information from there is even harder to come by, so how widespread or serious they were remains to be seen. Though since the madness of leaders there only really had an equal in Gaddafi, who knows? And the other "Communist" dictatorship bordering China, Vietnam, has also had murmurings: a strike at motorcycle factory (, a protest in Hanoi ( and in (probably unintentional) echoes of the event that sparked the Tunisian uprising, a self-immolation to protest corruption ( Even Burma has not been quiet, with a successful strike (, and another strike at a deep-sea port (

People in Malaysia were also following the protests in Egypt, police firing water cannons at an anti-Mubarak rally the ( South Korea also held solidarity demonstrations ( Other developments there include repression against the Migrants Trade Union (, a strike at a bank (, protests against pizza delivery deadlines ( , , protests over wages of cleaning workers at the courts (, and an end to the Hongik University sit-in (

Indonesians have also been busy with protests (,,, and a strike (, as have Cambodians (,,,, Filipinos (, and Thais (,, For links to more happenings in Asia, scroll on down...

libcom articles

First there is the rest of the [i]Libero International archive which I finished posting to the library:
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WSWS Asia Summaries

Workers Struggles: 5th of February
Workers Struggles: 12th of February
Workers Struggles: 19th of February
Workers Struggles: 26th of February


10: Employers bow to strikers’ demands
16: Tavoy Deep-sea Port Workers Strike


8: Lake residents to demonstrate
14: Svay Rieng villagers stop farm clearing
15: Workers at Koh Pich demand better wages
17: Garment workers back on job ,
22: Garment benefit talks held
23: Villagers defy officials to stage protest
24: Religion dept: Workers say they are not getting paid
24: Garment workers protest
24: Land dispute: Protests grow in Prey Lang


1: Latest Directives From the Ministry of Truth, January 2-28
1: Family and employer reach pact after worker's death
1: China prioritises raising living standards in Year of the Rabbit
2: Campaigner Detained in Beijing
3: Chinese regime fears “Egyptization”
3: Chinese Regime Bans New Year Scrolls
4: The Other Side of New Year
5: The fear of “Nile fever” in China
5: Book review: When a Billion Chinese Jump
7: Egypt-Type Revolt 'Unlikely' in China
7: Growing Unease at China’s Role in Africa
7: Is the future of microblogging in China really so bright?
8: Stemming the Tide of Complaints
9: China IS Discussing Egypt: Reactions from the Chinese Blogosphere
10: Comparison of World Wages Shows Extreme Wealth Inequality in China
11: Blind Activist, Wife Beaten , ,
11: China police stop spread of Egypt news: Activist
11: Macau: Labour disputes drop Lawmaker to push for union law
12: Chinese villagers besiege Guangxi township offices, smash police cars
12: China’s Farmers Without Farms May Threaten Regime
A farmer defends his land with homemade weapons last year

14: Chinese government and media highlight HBV employment discrimination
15: Former steel workers battle industrial goliath
15: Latest Directives From the Ministry of Truth, February 10-15, 2011
16: Shenzhen bus workers clash with police
17: Teachers Detained Over Protest
18: China Deletes Egypt Song
18: Activists in China Resist Police's Demand to Stop Hand Out Pamphlets
20: The Secret Politburo Meeting Behind China’s New Democracy Crackdown
20: China acts to stamp out call for 'Jasmine Revolution' likely inspired by Egyptian protests,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
21: New Generation of Migrant Workers Earn an Average of 1,747 Yuan a Month,
21: Hu calls for stronger web controls
22: Workers Sickened at Apple Supplier in China
22: Microblogging in China and Egypt: Two Views
22: China official warns of domestic unrest and "hostile" West
22: UPDATE1: Chinese democracy protester detained for subversion, rights watchdog says,,[/b]
23: Latest Directives From the Ministry of Truth, February 17-23, 2011
23: In Face of Middle East Unrest, Chinese Communist Party Closes Ranks,,,,,,,,,,,,
24: Injured coal miner struggles for compensation
24: Chinese dissident sent to labour camp again
24: New Social Management to Preserve Stability
25: China charges subversion for protest repostings,,,,,,,,
25: Fake Western Media Coverage Of Jasmine Revolution In China
28: Tiananmen student leader on revolution
28: Remarkable Quotes from the Fifty Cent Party: Anti-Jasmine Revolution Tweets
28: No Protesters, but Beijing Police Sweep Streets of Bystanders, Journalists,,,
28: Guangdong raises minimum wage as inflation hurts workers


1: Workers stage protest, demand unpaid wages
1: Dozens of temporary employees protest at Carrefour
1: Sekar Hospital Nurses Strike
1: Thousands of workers protest against closure of their workplace
1: Activists Rail at Officials Over Handling of Stranded Workers
5: Despite Laws, Many Workers Still Exploited
6: Indonesian workers march for better social security and against precarious work
7: Thousands of Workers Demand Salary Increase
14: Domestic workers take to the streets demanding decent wages, protection
14: Domestic workers turn Hotel Indonesia into 'giant laundry'
14: Women Sew Lips Closed in Indonesian Apartments Protest
18: Kupang Villagers Rally to Support Illegal Logging Suspects
22: Medan: Hundreds of residents of Deli Serdang protest over land rights
23: Freedom of Association for the Public Sector employees in Indonesia: Challenges and development
23: FSPM wins union recognition, permanent jobs and reinstatement at Guci Hotel in Bandung
26: Student Demo in Bandung
26: Three people arrested in Rawasari rally
26: Website of a community campaign against a land seizure for a mine - contains some Egnlish:
28: Yogyakarta workers begin campaign for bargaining rights and job security at Hyatt Hotels


2: Toeing Industry Line, Honda Union Defers Dream Of Raise
11: J.LEAGUE/ Japan pro soccer needs labor union
21: Japanese protest against US base
25: Japan Cracks Down on Dissent,


4: Malaysian police fire water cannons at anti-Mubarak rally
8: Guest workers face hard life in Malaysia
16: $3.2m lawsuit for defending Burmese migrants
19: GLCs and Govt to talk wages
20: Near clashes between gangsters and natives
24: Allow Anti-Racism March

North Korea

14: N. Koreans protest over power cuts
22: Mobile Phone Rentals Banned
24: Arab uprisings spark concern in North Korea
24: N.Korea on Alert for Signs of Resistance,,,
28: North Koreans Take to the Streets


2: Farmers, militants protest bioethanol project in Isabela
4: Evicted settlers want to sue cops, San Juan LGU
10: NFA employees oppose privatization
11: After Successful Strike, Footwear Workers Face Another Hurdle
13: PAL, PALEA mull partial settlement of labor issues
16: Dole must respect union rights
18: Labor Groups Push Anew for Wage Hike Amid Rising Prices
21: Thousands of workers at DOLE Philippines to go out for union elections. Union, labor NGO decry management attempts at vote buying.,,
22: RPN 9 workers file strike notice
25: Groups Mark 25th Anniversary of Edsa People Power I with Protests


16: Plight of the migrant worker,,,

South Korea

1: KEB union threatens all-out strike
1: Students cry foul over soaring fees
8: International Day of Solidarity Action - KCTU protest in front of Egyptial Embassy
10: Unions warn of action for legal revision
13: Court sides with subcontracted worker in Hyundai Motor case ,
14: Hanjin Heavy locks factories ,
16: Denunciation of the Cancellation of the Migrants' Trade Union Chairperson's EPS Visa Status,,,,
18: South Koreans protest against pizza delivery deadlines , ,
Protests continue as courts pay cleaning workers below minimum wage
20: Hongik University workers reach tentative agreement
28: Breaking the gridlock at Ssangyong
28: Korea may raise retirement age to 60: report


12: Amis not satisfied by ‘response’
21: Proposed cut in work hours gaining support from unions


3: Chained to a hospital bed with no escape
10: Workers march from Rayong for fair treatment
14: Laid off workers march in Bangkok
16: Court orders worker to be freed from hospital cell
22: Farmers protest in Ayutthaya
25: Ten-thousand call for an Energy [R]evolution in Thailand,
27: Free speech flows along the King's road


5: Protecting the workforce
20: Self-immolation to protest corruption
26: Strike at motorcycle factory
26: Protest fever reaches Vietnam