You can’t arrest the whole Valley – support the NO TAV arrestees

You can't arrest the whole Valley! Freedom for all NO TAV

How to support the NO TAV activists arrested on January 26. Support the campaign or, even better, write to them!

Submitted by Italy Calling on January 31, 2012

To keep up-to-date with the NO TAV defendants’ solidarity campaign, you can either follow the Facebook page or the NO TAV’s main website. Or keep reading my blog Italy Calling ;-)

Also, if one of your New Year resolutions was to be more active, then grab a pen and paper and write to the NO TAV activists in prison (if you’ve never done it before and don’t know how to start, have a read here beforehand). Have a look at the end of this article for some general greeting and phrases in Italian. Everything is better with friends, so why not start a NO TAV letter writing night? Email me if you want me to publicise it on my blog.

Arrested in Turin:
Gabriela Avossa
Matteo Grieco
Giorgio Rossetto
Giuseppe Conversano
Jacopo Bindi
Luca Cientanni
Tobia Imperato
Federico Guido
Alessio Del Sordo
Mario Nucera

All in the same prison, the address is:
Carcere Lorusso Cotugno
Via Pianezza 300
10151 Torino

Arrested in Milan:
Maurizio Ferrari
Niccolò Garufi
Kalisa Lorenzo Minani
Marcelo Damian Jara Marin

All in the same prison, the address is:
Carcere San Vittore
Piazza Filangeri 2
20123 Milano

Others, in different places:
1) Juan Antonio Sorroche Fernandez
Casa Circondariale
Via Beccaria, 13
Loc. Spini di Gardolo
38014 Gardolo (Trento)

2) Antonio Ginetti
Casa Circondariale
Via dei Macelli 13
51100 Pistoia

3) Samuele Gullino
Casa Circondariale Località Quarto Inferiore 266
14030 Asti

Greetings and phrases in Italian for prisoner solidarity (downloadable PDF file) (sorry, not sure how to link to this, please go to the original article and download it from there).

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