Attempted reoccupation of Villa Amalias

Attempted reoccupation of Villa Amalias

This morning there was an attempt to reoccupy the recently evicted Villa Amalias squat in Athens. In response the police again attacked the squat.

There was an attempt this morning to reoccupy the Villa Amalias squat in the centre of Athens. At this point details are unclear as events are still on going. Reports state that early this morning a group of people managed to get back inside the building which has been under police guard since an eviction on 20th December. Shortly after the reoccupation police units gathered and forced their way back into the building with the use of tear gas.

After the attack around 40 people were detained and are being taken to the police headquarters in Athens. Already people have been gathering and acting in solidarity. Immediately after the reoccupation people gathered in nearby Viktoria Sq and solidarity demonstrations are now being held.

Another group briefly occupied the offices of the political party DIMAR who are a part of the current coalition government. Though it seems that this group has also been evicted.

All this follows the police attack on Villa Amalias on the 20th December. The Villa is one of the oldest squats in the country and so it's eviction has produced a strong reaction. There have been constant protests and actions in solidarity with the squat and other spaces which have recently come under attack by the Greek state.

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Video from this morning(posted on indymedia):

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Occupied London are reporting that there were 101 detentions at the Villa and 40 at the office of DIMAR.