Camden traffic warden strike

Camden traffic warden strike

Video about the Camden traffic wardens on three-day strike this week.

A few libcommers popped down to the protest yesterday in support of the three-day strike by Unison members who work for NSL. A mate of ours did a short video.

The traffic warden demands are:

- A £2.50 an hour increase for all staff, from their current £8.09, which is below the London Living Wage. Camden council pays NSL £13 per hour for each warden, so is making a £5 profit per hour per worker.
- Enhancement of time and one third for all those who work between 8.00pm and 6.00am;
- Allowance for moped CEOs;
- Minimum paid annual leave entitlement of 23 days with a further five days after five years
of continuous service;
- Incremental pay scale;
- Career structure;
- Time and a half on a Saturday;
- Double time on a Sunday;
- A reduction in the working week from 42.5 to 35 hours.

The strike started on the 9th August and finishes on the 11th.

NSL was also partially involved with the Belfast traffic wardens dispute, though the struggle had begun with NCP initially.

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Aug 10 2012 12:08


  • Camden pays NSL £13 per hour for every Traffic Warden they employ but NSL only pay their staff £8.09. NSL seem to be making £5 per hour profit for every member of staff yet say they can’t afford the wardens' claim.

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Aug 10 2012 18:29

Yeah, they were out for two days in July and three days now. If they don't win they will be out for four days next time.

Their main demand is for pay parity with NSL workers in Waltham Forest, who get over £10 per hour - and they're not even in central London.

There will be picket lines again tomorrow (Saturday) so get down if you can. One of the local union reps was telling me that while the local branch is behind them 100% national Unison is causing problems and trying to block the branch paying the workers strike pay, which is pretty outrageous.

There is good coverage of this dispute at

Aug 10 2012 21:38

Can't make tomorrow, at EWN training, hope it goes well though!

Jan 30 2013 11:41

An update on this: further strikes were called off and the union agreed to an increase of 4% this year backdated to September, 3% next year and 3% the year after. Talks still ongoing regarding the other demands:

Jan 30 2013 19:45

cheers for update