Decisions taken in university general assemblies

A report of the assembly of the Sorbonne and Université René Descartes, posted to by 'Reglisse', one of the students who occupied the Sorbonne last weekend.

Submitted by Reglisse on March 18, 2006

The Sorbonne will not reopen its gates on monday like officials have said. The university will remain gates closed as long as the unrest shall go on: this is what has been announced by the officials, yesterday.

In Paris 5 University (Human Sciences, mainly Sociology), the teachers, who are offering their support to their students, and invest themselves in the demonstrations (and occupations!) have said in the general assembly of the 16th of March that they shall not penalize the people who are demonstrating against the CPE. They are working now together to figure out in which conditions we shall pass our exams, which shall take place in 2/3 weeks, but also, in the beginning of May. ("Partiels"). This is good news for us and bad one for Villepin, who is counting on the fact that we shall have to quit our fight very soon to go back home and hit are books again.

If the Sorbonne reopens its gates, the university shall be a place where debates, lectures, animations, movies, conferences will take place freely. It has been decided that we shall go in that direction: university is a place of life and exchange: its own essence.

Also, like we have done today during the big demonstrations, we will organize a serious order service ("Service d'ordre") in which students participate to make sure things are not getting totally out of control. This will help to prevent from any outbursts of violence within the uni site.

This, of course, shall take place IF Sorbonne reopens its gates.... which seems quite utopic considering what is happening in Paris these days, especially in Quartier Latin this week.