Sorbonne last night

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Submitted by Steven. on March 12, 2006

Sorbonne: situation at 9.15pm = almost nothing left as I passed in front of the Sorbonne towards 21h15.

Frankly, there is nothing here any more: about thirty young people; lots of police waiting around in their buses, etc...

Better to reserve energy for the next days ahead and benefit from this Sunday distributing leaflets etc because it is very important to continue to mobilize in the direction of the people not the students. We must work hard to overturn this PR spin that many people who do not yet know very well what this CPE means and will bring (in my district, the mothers think that the CPE could bring job to their children who, without diploma or formation, have been unemployed since they were 18... I stuggled to express to them that the CPE is a lure, because they believe in this slogan of the government: "equal opportunity"!