Jobs on the paper

We’ve had a few drop-outs in the last couple of collective issues, so Freedom is looking for more people…

Submitted by Rob Ray on July 23, 2008

Internationals editor
You need:
- An interest in international news
- A keen and enquiring mind
- To not mind about the whole ‘lack of renumeration’ thing

Your role:
Working on one paper a month, filling two pages with copy over the course of a production week. A typical month’s work would include one lead article of 500 words, editing the Louis Further column down to 450 words, two shorter stories at 225 words and 145 words respectively, getting hold of a picture story for the Lens Cap, and a news in brief column of around 450 words.

---Vacancy Filled---

Reviews editor
You need:
- An interest in er, culture
- A keen and enquiring mind
- A place to put the occasional free book/mag that gets sent your way in lieu of payment

Your role:
Working on two issues a month, sorting out two pages with one long review of 1,000 words, one short review of 500 words. While it does involve some writing, alot of the copy is provided by writers such as Tom Jennings and Richard Alexander or via people sending things in, so most of the job is in getting people to write and editing what’s in the basket, or soliciting copy.

Public sector editor
You need:
- Some background experience in how the public sector works and the current direction of government policy
- An ability to speed-read or skim government reports
- An ability to boil down complex situations into readable copy
- To regard your payoff as consisting of a really intense and ongoing education in exactly where the scams lie at the heart of power.

Your role:
Working on one or two issue a month filling one page with copy. A typical page consists of one 450-word article, and either another 430 word article or a 285/145 split between two of them.

Contact freedomeds AT or PM me for more information.