Marseille youth operate free toll on subway

Young people pile on the pressure to stop the CPE, with ingenious tactics.

Submitted by alibi on March 14, 2006

Rough translation of an article from Le Monde:

A minority of universities are affected to differing degree", insists Minister for the Higher Education, François Goulard. However worrying signs accumulate for the government. In several universities, like Toulouse II it Mirail or Paris X-Nanterre, the students have been joined in the strike by the staff.
Several university rectors have also now spoken out officially against the CPE. President of Toulouse II, Rémy Pech, said the suspension of the CPE would be "a means of ending the interruption of the operation of the university" . "the hope of the government is to enter into dialogue and I believe that is not now possible as long as the CPE is maintained", said François-Xavier Cuche, president of the university Strasbourg II.

The two seniors (presidents of UFR) of Paris VII (Jussieu) also requested from the Prime Minister "the suspension of the CPE and the immediate opening of negotiations" . The presidency of the university Paris X-Nanterre announced Monday to have decided to close faculty for reasons of safety.

In the afternoon, students of the Sorbonne (Paris I, III, IV, V), all of which were closed after its occupation and evacuation on Saturday morning, met in a lecture hall before they marched to the front of the College of France where scuffles occured with the CRS [riot police]. The students of Aix-Marseilles also organized small actions symbolic systems, like an operating a free toll on the Marseilles subway.