More Parisian universities vote to block

A round up of just some of todays developments.

Submitted by alibi on March 15, 2006

-The general assembly of University Jean Monnet (Paris 11) voted on Wednesday March 15 to block the campus for the days of Thursday and Friday. The students will join tomorrows demonstration as a block. Their assembly asks "for the abandonment of the CPE" because "the CPE causes precariousness (insecurity) for the youth, it is part of a social regression threatening all workers."

-The general meeting of the Sorbonne-Clignancourt (Paris 4) decided with a short majority this afternoon to strike and to block the campus as of 7.30am tomorrow, Thursday March 16.

-Paris 12, of Créteil, has also joined the campuses blockading. The Sorbonne (Paris1) remains shut upon the wishes of the university Rector - CRS riot police have fought running battles with students trying to regain its control. Nanterre (Paris 10) and Censier (Paris 3) remain blocked/ occupied, whilst Paris 8 and Paris 13 are still on strike, as is the Universite de Versailles, situated just outside of Paris.

Elsewhere, Montpellier3 has also voted to strike today.