Now 64 of 84 universities occupied

Le Figaro is tonight (Wed 15 March) reporting that the students union UNEF counts 64 universities out of 84 universities blocked.

Submitted by alibi on March 15, 2006

The Ministry for National Education insists however that there are just 51 universities 'disturbed', of which 17 are blocked and 34 'disturbed to a differing degree' (!).

A count carried out by the Agency France Presses puts the figure at 58.

Le Figaro continues to say that certain university presidents have now expressed their feelings. On Wednesday, forty six amongst them called the Prime Minister and the students trade-union organizations to join together in dialogue to find an exit with the crisis of the CPE, "we do not call for the withdrawal of the CPE, even if the presidents wonder much about his relevance", explained Yannick Vallée, vice president of the conference of the presidents of university.

Meanwhile, preparations are being made for Thursdays day of action for students of universities, colleges and high schools. Anti-CPE students will be hoping for momentum to be maintained before they are joined on Saturday by the powerful trade unions.