Ongoing raid on Villa Amalias squat in Athens

Ongoing raid on Villa Amalias squat in Athens

Police in Athens are currently raiding one of the oldest squats in the city.

I'm reposting here some reports on a current police raid on the Villa Amalias squat in central Athens. The raid began early this morning and event are still on going. This is the latest in a series of raids and attacks by the state against autonomous spaces.

'Once again, the State is trying to terrorise by means of sudden raids against occupied self-organized spaces.
Villa Amalias squat is housed in the building of Heyden and Acharnon street for 22 years. Within the squat hundreds of political and cultural events have been held (concerts, theatrical performances, screenings etc), while the anti-commercial culture that opposes the culture of sale and profit, power and property has found its place. It is clear now, after so many daily attacks against the antiauthoritarian/anarchist movement, that the antisocial forces of economic and political authoritarianism aim at silencing the movement, at limiting the public discussion in the agenda that is determined solely by the mainstream media and the Nazis, at prohibiting self-organized actions that start from below and outside political parties.
According to info published on Athens Indymedia, 8 comrades from the occupation were detained, and a search is being conducted in the building by the forces of state repression. Already, 200 have gothered in solidarity at Acharnon Street opposite the occupation.
We express our solidarity to Villa Amalias and to the comrades who struggle in this free social space.'

From Eagainst

Reports on occupied London and indymedia suggest that some anarchists have been detained whilst attempting to protest at the mayors office.
As this is on going check here for update(English, Greek).

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Dec 20 2012 12:37


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Dec 21 2012 08:06

Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias admits that the order to raid Villa Amalias came from the PM himself.

“The Greek police force has an obligation [to act] under the constitution and the law,” said Dendias. “I repeat, it also has the orders of the prime minister to restore common sense, to restore legality wherever it is absent.“

Dec 22 2012 07:19

22,12 update:

The eight people arrested in the raid are still being held. Yesterday they were taken before the prosecuter and are due in court again soon.
Across Greece solidarity actions have been taking place as people come to the aid of the Villa. There are more actions planned for the coming days in most Greek cities.

Dec 24 2012 16:40

The eight comrades arrested in the raid have been released. Three were cleared of all charges whilst the other five must continue to register at police stations.

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