Workers' struggles in Asia (March 2010 Part 2)

Summary and links to news stories of workers' struggles around Asia (excluding China) from the 16th to the 31st of March.


18th: Villagers clashed with police attempting to evict them from their homes after a court ruling.
19th: Another protest over land seizures, this time involving burning of buildings on a sugar plantation and a rally of 1000 villagers.
23rd: Casino workers to go on strike.
24th: Apparently the government told businessmen to partner with army divisions.,former-khmer-rouge-battalion-deployed-in-senators-land-dispute.html


18th: Residents of a slum in Jakarta resist eviction.


19th: Bakery workers on strike over the firing of 127 colleague because of an "illegal" strike had to defend themselves from an attack by scabs in a different union.

South Korea

22nd: Workers at a hotel win a nine year battle against outsourcing, including back pay.
30th: Workers at Kumho Tire will strike on the 1st of April.


25th:Villagers in southern Taiwan clashed with police in a protest over pollution from a plastic factory.


26th: Workers at Nikon went on strike for improved benefits.

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