Workers' struggles in China (April 2010 Part 1)

Summaries and links to news reports of workers' struggles around China up to the 15th of April.

8th: A man threw a bottle of ink at the famous portrait of Mao in Tiananmen Square, in an echo of the famous attack during the events of 1989.
12th: Former soldiers arrested after trying to present a petition to the Peoples Liberation Army HQ.
13th: Peasants in southern China clashed with police last month over an illegal land sale.
14th: For those that missed it, husunzi posted this article on resistance to development in Wuhan.
15th: Residents of Hangzhou forced an apology from local Party cadres over illegal evictions.


6th: Along with workers around the world, employees of United Airlines staged a protest over their lack of contract.


13th: Construction workers scuffled with police outside the Labour Affairs Bureau during a protest over rising unemployment.

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