Your paper needs contributions

Your paper needs contributions

Have you thought about writing for Freedom?

Hi all

I am the temporary editor of ‘Freedom’ for the September issue.

Several items have already been sent in, but we could really use some more people contributing for September (and beyond)

If you may never have considered writing before why not take the plunge?

Not only is it an excellent opportunity to get your ideas, thoughts and opinions into print and out into the real world, it also offers a chance to develop and refine your writing skills, report on the activities you are involved in, or promote the group you are a member of. We accept any original articles as long as they are politically relevant and informative, interesting or entertaining.

Please send any submissions, queries or questions to:



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working class s...
Aug 17 2012 18:50


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Aug 18 2012 02:57

You give me a challenging subject, guidelines and a deadline. I'll give you an article. Deal? smile

Aug 18 2012 03:10

Why don't you turn your Syria three-parter into an article, rooie?

Aug 18 2012 09:40

Glad someone took this on. I will try and whack something out today or tomorrow.


working class s...
Aug 18 2012 10:48

Thanks rooieravotr....I will get back to you over the next two days.



Aug 18 2012 13:48

Hmm Khawaga, I was thinking in that direction as well..
OK Matthew, yw. Look forward to do Freedom stuff:)

Aug 18 2012 16:47

Matthew, good luck! Editing freedom is a massive job...

Anyone who writes anything for freedom as well we are very happy to host it here after its publication as well.

For future reference Matthew, Freedom should be tagged in groups rather than topic tags.

Chilli Sauce
Aug 19 2012 01:45

The Industrial Worker runs a column called 'Workers Power' which is short, practical stories about workplace organising. I personally think they're worth a re-run. Anyway, just a thought, if you're interested I can put you in contact with the IW editor if you drop me a PM.

Juan Conatz
Aug 19 2012 09:59

I have a 2 week diary from WI (March 2011) that I could edit and submit if you're interested.

working class s...
Aug 19 2012 17:05

Thanks Chilli, I will have a read through them

working class s...
Aug 19 2012 17:06

Hi Juan. yes it does sound interesting. Can you tell me more about it?

Aug 23 2012 20:47

Well I ain't much on theory and the only experience I've had so far was nearly getting pelted by a flower bomb by some teen AF down in London, but I have been thinking about writing about the treatment of resistance in video games. By that I don't mean fighting the evil wizard or reviews I mean a look at the few games that at least content some themes of resistance to corrupt systems like the old State of Emergency game, would you be interested in that at all?

working class s...
Aug 23 2012 21:05

Hi Reddebrek, probably not for this issue, but it sounds like it could be interesting. let me me know when you have got something down!!