Kelvin McKenzie's fake apology

Kelvin McKenzie the former editor of the Sun has apologised for remarks that he and his paper made about the people of Liverpool following the Hillsborough tragedy.

Submitted by working class … on December 9, 2011

Vile sewer rat, and former Sun editor, Kelvin McKenzie has today apologised for his despicable slander against Liverpool supporters that was made during the Sun’s reporting of the Hillsborough tragedy in 1989.

McKenzie and the Sun accused Liverpool fans of picking the pockets of victims, and urinating on people trying to help the injured.

McKenzie has now claimed that the story had come from reporters in Liverpool and has apologised for it.

It is Interesting that he has never chosen to apologise at any point over the last 22 years. In fact, in 2006 during a speech, McKenzie said the following “All I did wrong was tell the truth”. “I only apologised at the time because Rupert Murdoch told me to”, and, “I was not sorry then, and I am not sorry now”. In 2007 on BBC question time, he stated that, “I stand by what I said”.

It is only now that he is trying to become a serious journalist (allegedly) and a TV personality, does he feel the need to completely change his story.

To sum up Kelvin McKenzie, you just need to read a quote from an interview in the early 1980’s when asked about the target he was trying to win over with the Sun.

“You just don’t understand the readers do you? He’s the bloke you see in a pub, a right old fascist, wants to send the wogs back, buy his poxy council house, he is afraid of the unions, afraid of the Russians, hates the queers, weirdo’s and drug dealers. He doesn’t want to hear about that stuff (serious news)”.

He is an insidious bottom feeder, the worst kind of cunt. I hope anyone with any connection to the Hillsborough tragedy treat this bastard and his apology with the contempt it deserves.