If someone calls you a b***k c**t, just shake their hand

There is no racism in football claims the contemptible Sepp Blatter. He says that if a player racially abuses another then they should just shake hands and get on with it. Is it any wonder that racism in society continues to be relatively acceptable when the celebrity class face no action for their vile behaviour?

Submitted by working class … on November 16, 2011

In the week that the men accused of brutally murdering Stephen Lawrence eighteen years ago stand trial, racism still runs through every aspect of our lives, and is practiced, condoned and legitimised by individuals in the public domain who are then copied by children and adults alike. They did not want to be role models; it is not in their contracts, who say they should be role models? Agreed, but they are role models, they do influence people, and they do help in making certain behaviours or attitudes acceptable.

In the last month, two high profile footballers have allegedly made racist remarks to other players. One has been charged with this, despite little or no evidence, whilst the other has not been, despite his alleged remarks, “fucking black cunt” being very clear if you watch the clip back. No doubt the FA’s slow investigation and reluctance to act has nothing to do with him being the England captain.

These are by no means the first racist or bigoted acts from football professionals. I recall Mark Bosnich making a Nazi salute to Tottenham fans, Paulo Di Cannio’s Nazi salute, John Barnes having banana’s thrown at him, Ron Atkinson’s vile remarks on TV, and disgusting jokes about some of his former black players that he makes at after dinner speeches.

In fact, when I searched the web for racism in football the volume of stories was astronomical and too many to mention here. In most areas of society, and in workplaces, such blatant racism is taboo and generally dealt with. Rightly or wrongly, people lose their jobs, get prosecuted, get fined, go to prison, and get shunned by their families.

Not footballers or other famous or rich people. They get a few negative news stories, Mickey Mouse fines, and in most cases nothing. They remain roles models and heroes for many, despite them being proven vile, racists, and all round horrible bastards, just like John Terry.

Todays’ comments from FIFA chairman and corrupt gangster, Sepp Blatter, sum up perfectly the celebrity and boss class, and their attitude to racism. Blatter has stated that if a player racially abuses another player, then they should just shake hands after the match. He went on to say that things happen in matches that are wrong, but they can be sorted with a handshake. What planet is this fucking plonker on?

What hope do any individuals or groups who campaign against racism have when the most senior person from the governing body of the most popular pastime on earth says that if on live TV a player and hero to millions calls another player a “fucking black cunt”, all that is needed is a good old fashioned gentlemanly handshake? Is it any wonder that vermin like the EDL and BNP feel comfortable in being openly racist?



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Submitted by Ed on November 17, 2011

Great article.. just found this from Les Ferdinand (who, even as an Arsenal fan, I've always loved.. prob coz he will always be a QPR player first in my mind)..

"I hope it's the last comment I hear from him because it's a disgrace that someone who is head of Fifa and the Federation, that he comes out with that remark."

He added: "Like a lot of these people, they don't understand racism. It's never happened to them so they're making comments on a subject they know nothing about."

I think it's especially relevant here as he's the older cousin of Anton and Rio Ferdinand (Rio who hinted in his autobiography that *someone* in the England team was a racist) and not any random black player..

If I wanna put my tinfoil-conspiracy hat on (which I do), I think the FA are covering for John Terry coz they know that the England team need him. If he's outed as a racist it would be a PR disaster for them to have him as captain of the national team so he'd have to be out..

I can only think of JT racially abusing two players - Ledley King and Anton Ferdinand - both English.. I reckon that the FA leaned on them and informed them that if they fancy playing in a World Cup for their national team, then they'd better stay quiet..

I guess for JT to be outed it'll take him either racially abusing someone not eligible to play for England or someone so shit they'd never make the team anyway (which I thought Anton would fit the bill for that, but anyway.. ;) )..

Either that or a Premier League player with some integrity but I'd prefer to put my money on the first two tbh.. :)

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Submitted by working class … on November 17, 2011

I agree 100%. if John Terry was a little known fringe player he would have been dragged over the coals. I watched the clip of the incident on youtube before I read what he was alleged to have said. to me, it was as clear as day what he said, and then reading it just confirmed it.
There is a youtube clip of man city players being interviewed after the match last season when John Terry and Wayne Bridge didnt shake hands (because of Terry's affair with Bridges's partner). in the interview,Craig Bellamy refused to discuss the issue, but stated, "all I will say is, everyone in football knows what kind of man John Terry is". He is a thoroughly unpleasant man, and a racist. He needs to go!


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Submitted by Refused on November 17, 2011

Fuck if even Craig Bellamy gets away with slamming John Terry's character you know he's the biggest twat on the planet. He's England captain so obviously untouchable. Imagine being in such a position that to play for your national team you're told to shut up and put up with racism because the perpetrator is the captain of the national team.
Chris Hughton (who is currently 1/2 of the black managers in the football league) called Blatter's comments "unacceptable". Hughton is known to be guarded and to keep his personal views quiet in interviews and his statement sounds quite civil but coming from him that's almost a death threat. :D

One worrying thing which I've been hearing and reading happening more these days is racist chants at football grounds during matches directed usually at black players.

Is it any wonder that vermin like the EDL and BNP feel comfortable in being openly racist?

Quite, and I don't think many of the people singing these racist songs will be strangers to EDL from what I've heard.


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Submitted by freemind on November 17, 2011

John Terry has previous when involved in a fracas about 10 or so years ago which involved anti-Irish comments.
Blatter is an intellectual amoeba and deranged parasite,a paragon for football's diseased hierarchy and a hate figure for those who have seen the game stolen from them.
A microcosm of UEFA's malaise is the fact a club can be fined only £15,000 for racist chanting which is the same for igniting a flare at the game-bastards!


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Submitted by Ed on November 18, 2011

Fair play to David Beckham speaking his mind on this, even if he's still talking up the FA..

"The comments were appalling. A lot people have said that," Beckham said at an LA Galaxy press conference. "I don't think that the comments were very good for this game. There obviously is, and has been, racism throughout soccer and in life over the last few years.
"It can't be swept under the carpet, it can't be sorted out with a handshake," he said. "That's not the way of the world and that's not how racism should be treated.


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Submitted by alba on November 18, 2011

As, a human being,being born of Scots' parents.I have been made fun of many times while working in England.I am white,but don't feel the need to slag off another human for living somewhere that gets more sun+hotter weather than us!
Poeple need to get a sense of proportion,as there are bigger issues we need to tackle.
Whoever said,the person making the racist comment should shake hands+say sorry is just wantin' to brush it under the carpet.
If the people offended really trust the God they pray to.Then let God deal the bigot some karma,and not let them get wound up about it!
When I am made fun of or some comedian dresses up in a kilt+has an orange wig and tartan hat on,I don't go running to the Race Relations Board,demanding action,as I am not that easily wound-up+don't fall for idiots comments.
I think,thank goodness I don't waste my day trying to taunt+tease people who look different from me!


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Submitted by Arbeiten on November 18, 2011

If praying to god stopped racism alba, Martin Luther King would still be alive :groucho: