Twenty New York IWW members fired

Twenty IWW members have been fired from a food distributing warehouse in New York.

Submitted by David in Atlanta on May 29, 2008

May 28, 2008

Flaum Appetizing, a kosher food distributor, terminated 20 IWW members last week. The IWW had a strong presence at Flaum, with about two-thirds of the warehouse being union members. Workers had been struggling for respect from the boss for almost a year before the firings occurred.

The chain of events began last Thursday when the boss fired a woman known for being a strong union member. When her fellow workers decided to confront the boss about her termination, they were all fired on the spot.

The IWW is putting up daily picket lines this week and will fight the terminations through direct action, media pressure, and legal action.

Supporters can write letters to management at:
Flaum Appetizing
288 Sholes Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206



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Yikes, that's one big rat! Draws some attention to the conflict I guess... impressive! I hope the IWW really gives the company a hard time!