New Zealand: Over 300 Wellington bus drivers locked out

Over 300 Go Wellington bus drivers and workshop workers who took industrial action to protest $12.72 poverty wages will be locked out from today unless they accept the companies offer.

Submitted by yuda on September 24, 2008

Lockout Notice and Union media release | Workers Party: Background to Wellington Bus Lockout

Indymedia Exclusive: The company is accusing Wellington Tramways Union President Nick Kelly of stealing a bus and taking it to a union stopwork meeting.

Manufacturing and Construction Union members have joined the fight by refusing to refuel buses. Dom Post Article Wellington WP candidate Don Franks has slammed Go Wellington for treating workers like shit. "By standing up to the boss and demanding a better income the drivers are taking a stand which will benefit the whole working class."

You can support these workers by raising money for them, and attending solidarity actions. Organise your own!

Wellington: Picket details
Auckland: Thursday collection | Protest details
Aotearoa Indymedia feature



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Discussion and updates of the story here:

The lockout has now ended, as bosses agreed to go back to the negotiating table. But the dispute is not over.