Anarchism: A Documentary History Of Libertarian Ideas (Volumes 1, 2 & 3)

A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas, is a comprehensive and far-ranging collection of anarchist writings from the feudal era (300) to 1939. Edited and introduced by noted anarchist scholar Robert Graham, this incomparable volume includes the definitive texts from the anarchist tradition of political thought. It deals both with the positive ideas and proposals the anarchists tried to put into practice, and with the anarchist critiques of the authoritarian theories and practices confronting them.

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klas batalo

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glad this is up, it has a lot of rare texts that were not available digitally till recently, like the original anarchist synthesis.

Henry Laws

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Uploaded Volume Three.


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Interesting, but I was disappointed that none of these volumes mentions Jacques Ellul. He's a necessary read to understand things as technology or ecology, and he has interesting and original views on the relations between religion and anarchism.