I will not crawl: excerpts from Robert F. Williams on black struggle and armed self-defense in Monroe, NC

A brief biographical sketch of an incredible man named Robert F. Williams, along with several chapters excerpted from his famous 1962 book Negroes with Guns. Though less well known than more urban groups like the Black Panthers, the words and actions of Monroe, NC’s militant NAACP chapter were tremendously influential on later organizations that advocated self-determination, autonomy, equality, and self-defense.

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I've been looking for poster images of Robert Williams. I really like this cover image. Would it be possible for me to contact the artist or get this image in poster form?


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This goes hard as fuck and totally underlines my experiences at the range: most North Amerikan motherfuckers with white skin into guns, are into them because they fear black skinned motherfuckers with guns.

Want to engage with the pro-gun milieu in a self-consistent manner? The name of the game is active race/gender/sexuality/whatevs treason: go shooting with co-workers with skin color or sex parts or identities that are different from yours. Act like a person, listen, have conversations, acknowledge differences, be open and honest, become technically proficient with firearms, spend less time on the internet.

Thanks for posting this, really made my day.