The peasants war in Germany 1525-1526 - Ernest Belfort Bax

Belfort Bax's 1899 history of the peasants war in Germany: the largest popular uprising in Europe besides the French revolution.

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The Epub version I downloaded had terrible ocr artifacts, making it near impossible to read.
As the original is rather heavily underscored, sometimes twice (in pencil and in ink), this is to be expected.
So I decided to make a clean edit, fresh ocr, edited as a text document side by side with the pdf.
I tried to stay close to the original typography - you have your reader set to your favourite font anyway. I inserted the footnotes, in a smaller font, at the point of reference. Yes this breaks your reading experience, but it is a lot simpler than building links for them and having you switch between the text and a notes page.

Now I have this quite readable edition of the peasants revolt in epub, but I don't know how to upload it, or to whom.
tell me something at lukas dot vang at gmail dot com.
pretty please.


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Emailing you right now!