Jobbik chased across London by anti-fascists

Hungarian far-right group Jobbik were chased across London by anti-fascists on Sunday as their leader Vona Gábor visited the UK to meet with Hungarians living in the city ahead of elections.

Submitted by Anonymous on January 27, 2014

Anti-fascists prevented Jobbik from holding a rally in the Holborn area before chasing them back and forth across the city. The far-right group successfully held a brief rally at Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park where Gábor addressed a crowd of around 100 supporters.

Holborn tube was being used as a re-direction point by the far-right group but they were prevented from leaving the station by anti-fascists. Rumours spread among anti-fascists claiming three venues had cancelled bookings for the far-right group.

Under police protection the Jobbik supporters scuttled down into the tube to travel to Marble Arch. While Unite Against Fascism activists decamped for refreshments autonomous anti-fascists chased after the fascists to oppose the rally being held in Hyde Park.

Anti-fascists later intercepted a group of 15 Jobbik organisers who pulled knives and screwdrivers before being forced to flee according to Brixton Black Revolutionary Socialists in a status update shared by London Anti-fascists.

Hungarian websites claim five Jobbik supporters, one of whom was hospitalised, were attacked by 30 anti-fascists who continued to kick them while they were on the ground. Pictures of Jobbik supporters allegedly injured are below.




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Submitted by Markunin on January 27, 2014

This is brilliant. Good job comrades.


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Submitted by globeprober on February 4, 2014

ahh, I just now saw this reportback, several days late.

A belated congrats to you all. Death to the fascists, power to the people.


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Submitted by Mozsi on March 14, 2014

Thank you for representing our common values in London: in the name of the enlighted youth of Hungary.