Hot August at H&M in Italy

The strike wave of migrant logistics workers in Italy has spread to the warehouses of H&M.

Submitted by Johanna Schellhagen on August 28, 2016

In the video from August 20, 2016, we see a blockade of the H&M plant in
Casalpusterlegno, Lombardy. The striking workers are facing their
colleagues who want to start the shift but then, in small groups, change
sides and join the strikers.

The strike started on July 28 in Stradella, close to Pavia, and spread to
Casalpusterlegno in August. The demands are: normal working hours, no more
being informed in the evening before whether you will have to work the next
day or not, unlimited full-time contracts, and compliance with the national
collective agreement on minimum standards for the work in warehouses.

SI Cobas has called for a strike in all XPO warehouses in Italy (XPO is
handling logistics for H&M in Italy)! We are asked to carry out boycott
actions against H&M starting from August 27.

Here the call to boycott H&M boycott by SI Cobas:



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Submitted by altemark on September 1, 2016

Damn, too bad I read about this too late, it would have been good if we could have organized something in the home of H&M in solidarity.

I recently learned that my grandmother was the fourth employee at the original H&M store in Stockholm - must have been quite unusual for women to work full-time back then. Apparently, the legend who founded the company was a real slave-driver, and could turn up at a store only to order my grandmother to "get home to my place straight away and take care of my daughter, she is sick today".


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Submitted by syndicalist on January 15, 2018

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