Health and safety victory for recycling plant workers

Today the Orion recycling workers return to work as heroes bringing an end to their historic two and a half week walkout over dangerous working conditions which began on Wednesday 28th March.

Submitted by Ed on April 16, 2018

In a 5 hour meeting held last Friday 13th April at the Orion plant, all the workers' demands over health and safety, hygiene and training were conceded. The workers also secured a guarantee of full payment of their wages throughout the two and half week stoppage.

Whilst their safety has now been secured talks will be ongoing in respect of the London Living Wage and Occupational Sick Pay which may lead to a strike ballot in the coming weeks.

Confident, combative, united and inspiring, these 'invisible' workers have shown what it takes to stand up and resist precarity and marginalisation.

Dismissed as 'unorganisable' by most official unions, these migrant worker members of United Voices of the World have shown that the best weapon to fight back is the collective strength of those you work with.

If 'invisible' migrant workers at an industrial site in east London can do this, there's no reason why other workers can't take on the bosses and win!

Reposted from the United Voices of the World Facebook page.
Photos taken by Gordon Roland Peden at the plant on Friday 13th April.


R Totale

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Submitted by R Totale on April 16, 2018

Woah, they got full back pay covering the strike period? That's pretty amazing.


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Submitted by akmshihab on April 17, 2018

Once success bring another big success, go ahead comrades!!