A year of our lives: a colliery community in the great coal strike of 1984/85

A year of our lives cover - photos of various people from Hatfield Main community, plus riot cops

An anthology of accounts of the miners strike by people from Hatfield, South Yorkshire. Compiled by Dave Douglass and published by Hooligan Press in 1986.

Submitted by Fozzie on January 14, 2023


  • Hatfield and the Villages.
  • Welfare Organisation - Bob Hume
  • Hatfield Main Womens Support Group - Elaine Robe
    Stew Kitchens, Soup Kitchens and Dining Halls - Mick J. Mulligan
  • Reflections on Humberside - Brian Croucher
  • Doing My Bit - Sue Knott
  • A Bridge Too Far - John Greenhall
  • The Bradford Link - Will Moore
  • The Way I Saw lt - Mick Thubron
  • The August Invasions
  • Account of Invasion
  • Adrian Simpsons Evidence
  • Edith Simpson Interviewed
  • The Strike Committee
  • Children During The Dispute - Emma Douglass, Lisa Skillcorn, Nicola Milburn, Christina Young, Tammy Haver
  • Poland, Spain and the Ugly Sisters - Alan Robe
  • The Log Project - Brian Keenan
  • Post Strike. The Links Continue.
  • Local Shops
  • The Strike Newsletter
  • The Scab Watch Team - M. McGuire
  • The Fate of Scabs
  • Thorne and Moorends
  • The Last Major Conflict
  • The Way we Were - Kitty Holding
  • The Second Invasion
  • After The Strike
  • The Shooting of Mac the Knife - Lenie Bembridge of Moorends
  • Poems - I.K. Biggs
  • The Withdrawal That Became a Surrender