Projectile anarchist film festival 2006

Submitted by Steven. on February 1, 2006

Archived web feature about the Projectile Film Festival in Newcastle, Friday 16th June - Sunday 18th June, 2006.

Now in its third year the Projectile Film Festival returns to Newcastle this June for a packed programme of films talks and workshops. Building on the success of last year's there's a totally new programme featuring a selection of films with libertarian communist themes.

Quick reference
Date: Friday 16th June - Sunday 18th June, 2006
Cost: £25 waged/£5 unwaged. £3.50 if you want to watch an individual film Talks are free. Asylum seekers free.
Venue: The Star and Shadow (a brand new cinema), Crawhall Road, Ouseburn, Newscastle (TBC)
Accommodation: Crash space will be available in the cinema itself
Email: info*
Phone: 07840 543747

Projectile describes its purpose as "to use film to explore the philosophical, cultural and political themes of anarchism". Over 100 people attended in the first event in February 2005, to watch films, participate in talks and enjoy live music. Anarchist groups from around the country were also invited to gather at the festival.

The festival took place over three days comprising a schedule of films, talks from influential anarchists, English premieres and Situationist kung-fu. Several of the libcom collective traveled up to Newcastle for 2005's event and thoroughly enjoyed the mix of films, talks and socialising.

This year the films showing include The Angry Brigade/Persons Unknown, Winstanley, Spanish Civil War epic - Libertarias, Made in Secret: the story of the East Van Porn Collective, La Patagonia Rebelde and They Live! There are also a number of scheduled talks, you can find details of all of these below. Check out the forums thread on this years festival here. Of course us at will be traveling up to the festival again - and we hope we'll see you there too!

Programme 2006
Friday 16 June
▫ 17:30 onwards - drop in say hi and get your ticket.

▫ 19:00 - FILM: The Angry Brigade/Persons Unknown (dir. Gordon Carr, 1974/1980, UK, 65mins.)
With anarchist ideals and situationist-inspired tactics, this urban guerilla group put the ruling class on notice with a series of bloodless bombings. The police campaign against it drew a dragnet through the UK anarchist community.

▫ 20:10 - FILM: Cops (dir. Buster Keaton, 1922, US, 18 mins.)
Keaton stars as an accidental anarchist leading the filth on a messy chase in this raucous classic short.

▫ 20:30 - TALK: Trots, Islamophobia and Anarchism
Introduced by John from Projectile: lets talk about vanguardism, Respect and creating real alliances.

▫ 21:30 - FILM: Libertarias (dir. Vicente Aranda, 1996, Spain, 125 mins.)
This epic melodrama follows several very different women as they get involved in the Spanish Civil War. Their lives as fighters, friends and lovers are set against a backdrop of sexism, political backstabbing and eventually tragedy.

Saturday 17 June
▫ 11:00 - FILM: Durruti en la Revolucion Espana (dir. Paco Rios, 1998, Spain, 60 mins.)
Former railway worker Buenaventura Durruti exemplified a new kind of people's military "leader", one who led through inspiration, example and discussion rather than force and orders. This film is his story.

▫ 12:10 - TALK: Class Composition and the North East
Discussion with Dave Hopper (NUM) and Dave Douglass (NUM, Class War).

▫ 14:00 - TALK: Nestor Mahkno - Anarchy in the Ukraine
With a speaker from the Anarchist Federation.

▫ 15:00 - TALK: Anarchism and Youth
Discussion led by Matt and other local youth.

▫ 16:00 - TALK: Women's Health, Anarchism and Self-Examination
A workshop on the mechanics and politics of our health with Cloudberry.

▫ 17:00 - FILM: Squatting in Amsterdam (dir. Hamish Campbell, 2003, 4mins.)

▫ 17:05 - FILM: What to Do in Case of Fire (dir. Gregor Schnitzler, 2001, Germany, 100 mins.)
In the 1980's, they were on the barricades together. twenty years later, they've gone their separate ways - until something unexpected brings them together again. packed with action, hilarity and even romance, this an overlooked gem.

▫ 19:00 - FILM: Made in Secret: The Story of the East van Porn Collective (dir. One Tiny Whale, 2004, Canada, 86 mins.)
Not a porn film, but a sexy semi-documentary about home-made erotica, sexual expression, and collective decision-making. Lo-fi aesthetics and sweet politics.

▫ 20:30 - SOCIAL

▫ 00:00 - FILM: They Live! (dir. John Carpenter, 1988, US, 93 mins.)
In Reagan-era America, an unemployed labourer stumbles on the horrifying truth about the ruling class. A situationist-influenced, politically savvy horror flick.

Sunday 18 June
▫ 11:00 - FILM: La Patagonia Rebelde (dir. hector Olivera, Argentina, 1984, 109 mins.)
What happens when life becomes unbearable because of bosses and their demands? The worker's rebel... and the ruling class retaliates. This true-to-history drama tells of an uprising of immigrant and indigenous labourers in unforgiving, harsh Patagonia.

▫ 13:00 - TALK: Open Source Software and New Technology in Filmmaking
Learn with Tomas about how free software and cheap, easy to use equipment can help you bring your own visions to the cinema screen!

▫ 14:00 - TALK: Social Centres and Local Campaigning
Paul, Tash and Stu lead a discussion on the social centres movement: are they "movement ghettos" or great placed to organise?

▫ 15:00 - TALK: Rossport Solidarity Campaign
Speakers from the Rossport campaign in Ireland talk about trying to stop Shell's high pressure gas pipeline.

▫ 16:00 - FILM: Democracy Isn't Built on Demonstrator's Bodies (dir. David Massey/It's All Lies, 2004 Israel, 32 mins.)
many young ISraelis reject their right-wing government's efforts to separate them from their Palestinian neighbours with laws, walls and weapons. This short documentary provides a glimpse into the anarchist underground in Israel.

▫ 16:30 - TALK: Feedback Session
Where do we go from here? Got any suggestions? Want to do your own festival?

▫ 17:00 - FILM: Winstanley (dir. kevin Brownlow/Andrew Mollo, 1975, UK, 95 mins.)
In 1649, gerard Winstanley tried to take back common lands for the people's use through communal farming. This authentic and gorgeously home-made film tell his tragic, yet inspirational story. A work of art, not just history.