Negro Matapacos, Chilean canine protester

In Chile the late street dog known as Negro Matapacos (“Black Cop-Killer”), has become a symbol of rebellion. Matapacos was a famous street dog in Santiago, Chile known for being at every protest, defying tear gas and water cannons, and fiercely hating the police. Since his passing in 2017 he has became a symbol of protests and resistance, and is affectionately know as the patron saint of protests and street dogs.

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Nov 9 2019 16:33


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Noah Fence
Nov 10 2019 08:32

Absolute proof that animals are our comrades, and a call to all revolutionaries to stop fucking eating them. Imagine the damage our bovine buddies and porcine pals could cause out on the streets! Show solidarity with them and they’ll act in solidarity with us!
Come on comrades, you know it makes sense.

Nov 10 2019 23:22

just some anthropomorphizing

'Ah, yes! You dig upon my grave . . .
Why flashed it not on me
That one true heart was left behind!
What feeling do we ever find
To equal among human kind
A dog's fidelity !'

'Mistress, I dug upon your grave
To bury a bone, in case
I should be hungry near this spot
When passing on my daily trot.
I am sorry, but I quite forgot
It was your resting-place.'

Nov 30 2019 20:20