South Wales miners strike xmas cards

Pithead image. "Support the miners right to a future"

Set of 4 Xmas cards produced by Rhymney Valley Miners Support Group in South Wales during the strike of 1984-85. Images on the outside and writing by miners on the inside. Black & white scans.

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Mar 14 2013 21:41


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Mar 14 2013 21:43

PM me if you want the absurdly-high resolution versions of these.

Mar 14 2013 21:50

Thanks, these are amazing!

May 9 2013 05:20

How creative!! These are fabulous.

Harri Rogers
Oct 16 2014 22:15

The one titled "Death of a Lady" is superb. Really hits home as it rings true for the Rhondda Valleys, where I'm from, too!