Spanish Civil War and Revolution poster gallery, 1936-39

Archive of posters from the Spanish Civil War and Revolution, 1936-39. Includes posters from the CNT, FAI, Mujeres Libres, Friends of Durruti, FIJL, the Iron Column, UHP (Uníos Hermanos Proletarios - Union of Proletarian Brothers) and some joint posters between the CNT and the reformist UGT.

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Feb 22 2012 11:30


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Feb 22 2012 12:05

Bump coz this is up now as well..

Feb 22 2012 12:09

We should go through these and in the title boxes write translations of the text on the posters. Help from Spanish speakers would be useful…

Feb 22 2012 12:13

Yeah, I wanted to give it a go but figured it wouldn't be accurate enough so left it.. any help would be cool...

NB: there are some quite reactionary ones in there as well (one about women and some others I suspect from when the CNT joined the government) but thought it was better to put them all in rather than just the ones from the 'glory days', if you see what I mean..

Feb 22 2012 17:30

hm..i'm from barcelona, I can translate if you want...which ones would you like?

Feb 22 2012 17:37

Hey, thanks very much, basically all of them I guess! Would that be all right? If you have time you could just put translations for each of them in order, then we can copy and paste them into the gallery. For example:
Comrade! Work and struggle for the revolution. CNT FAI
Freedom! FAI

Feb 22 2012 17:38


Molina wrote:
i'm from barcelona

fawlty towers lol)

Feb 22 2012 17:38

First one: comrade! work and fight for the revolution
second one: Freedom!
fifth: our duty: destroy fascism
seventh: Women! all freedom fighters are your family
eight: the militias need you!
ten: to the frontline
twelve: peasents (or landless farmers), the revolution will give you land!
27: land and factories for the unions!

Feb 22 2012 18:09

OK, here are the rest: (some are difficult to translate!)

6:comrades! enlist in the iberia column: you will strengthen the fight against fascism

13: For a free humanity! For anarchy!
14: against military 'bullying' la invincible force of the proletariat (haha some of these are dificult tot translate)
15: The libertaria youths...Fight and work for the revolution
16: 16th July 1936
17: Praise the heroes
18: the unpenetrable barrier (in reference to the cnt-fai-ait)
19: north regional section of the confederation
20.Land and Freedom, Fai newspapaer...'tiempos nuevos' (new times) newspaper
21.forward freedom fighters ( sorry can't find good translation)
22. Revolution and war are unseperable
23.we have definately finish it off
24.Youths: the world which is about to come will be in accordance with our way of thinking and being
25.¡No pasaán! They shall not pass!
26.Look! This is fascism
28.possible potential (in reference to UGT-CNT unity)
29.Unity is force
30.Proletarian solidarity
31.together we will build a monument of victory and work
32.regional congres of asturias, leon and palencia
33.Peasent (landless farmer) apart from the land, the revolution will give you machines to work it(the land)
34.colectivized worker industry of matresses (haha nice)
35.transport section of the union , colectivized industry. And 'urban public services' on the bottom
37: sorry, can't really read that
38: Imitate! The peoples heroe
39:Asturias octobre 1934.37: today like before: the 'red relief' will take care of your families
40. Help! The families of the northern fighters

Feb 22 2012 18:17

third one is: Ambition,Militarism,War: that is fascism. Destroy it unifing yours and others effort !
ninth: women! work for the comrades that are fighting (comrades in masculin)

Sometimes I translate compañeros to comrade (camarada) but its more like companion, fellow brother..but i still think its the best translation)

Feb 22 2012 19:20

Vienna, that's great! Will try and add some of that stuff asap!

vienna black-red
Feb 22 2012 19:38

You can download the bigger original pictures with download button or watch the slide show (click on picture). The anarchist tanks are very crazy: wink

Feb 22 2012 21:40

Thanks very much for that, and thanks for the translations! Great stuff

Feb 23 2012 09:24

How cool is this pin! CNT-FAI meets Star Trek:

Feb 26 2012 21:59

The site looks and reads very well -- a real contribution to the endless struggle.

Mar 27 2012 00:00

Bump, as I've now added a bunch of new posters..

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Jared: That pin is fabolous! Where did you find it?

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It would be great if someone could add these to this gallery. They seem to be in PDF format, so you can attach the PDFs but it would be really good to put a screenshot in the gallery as well: