The Party Organizer

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The Party Organizer began being published in 1927 and was the main internal organizing paper for the CPUSA. It functioned as a tool to guide party activists and can provide clearer insights for present day communist organizers.

We do not agree with the politics of the CPUSA but reproduce this publication for reference.

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Apr 29 2017 22:13

Hey so each of my pdfs (about 4 of them) are bigger than 16mb, is there anyway to upload them?

Juan Conatz
Apr 30 2017 02:04

You need to compress the PDFs. If you don't already have PDF software that can do this, there are a number of free online PDF editors that can. I usually use either ilovepdf or smallpdf

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May 2 2017 16:56

So, any joy?

Juan Conatz
Feb 3 2018 21:59

Oof. These are unfortunately, really difficult to read. It looks like bad microfilm.