The legacy of Bakunin - Paul Avrich

The legacy of Bakunin - Paul Avrich

Part of the series of biographies of Mikhail Bakunin.
Essay by anarchist historian Paul Avrich on Bakunin.

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No tech problem. Just had to wait for one of us admins to approve the revision. Done now.. smile

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Just a quick note, with article titles we put the article name first and then the author name rather than the other way round.. i.e. 'Legacy of Bakunin - Paul Avrich' not 'Paul Avrich - Legacy of Bakunin'.. (it's a 'house style' innit wink )

Also, with tagging, we put any names of writers, thinkers, groups, unions etc in the 'Authors, people and groups' bar (just above the tags bar)..

Anyway, cheers for adding this as I've recently regained my interest in reading the old school.. Proudhon first but I'm planning to get onto Bakunin next!