Picket: bulletin of the Wapping printers' dispute, 1986-1987

Picket: bulletin of the Wapping printers' dispute, 1986-1987

PDFs of all 43 issues of Picket, the unofficial newsletter of the News International printers' dispute of 1986.

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picket-01.pdf256.51 KB
picket-02.pdf225.56 KB
picket-03.pdf510.25 KB
picket-04.pdf298.7 KB
picket-05.pdf266.04 KB
picket-06.pdf319.22 KB
picket-07.pdf483.1 KB
picket-08.pdf317.68 KB
picket-09.pdf653.88 KB
picket-10.pdf590.49 KB
picket-11.pdf597.35 KB
picket-12.pdf560.74 KB
picket-13.pdf326.47 KB
picket-14.pdf572.42 KB
picket-15.pdf330.8 KB
picket-16.pdf604.37 KB
picket-17.pdf584.32 KB
picket-18.pdf604.19 KB
picket-19.pdf256.83 KB
picket-20.pdf562.36 KB
picket-21.pdf490.61 KB
picket-22.pdf363.66 KB
picket-23.pdf630.53 KB
picket-24.pdf283.92 KB
picket-25.pdf681.1 KB
picket-26.pdf530.36 KB
picket-27.pdf279.35 KB
picket-28.pdf347.72 KB
picket-29.pdf290.87 KB
picket-30.pdf617.31 KB
picket-31.pdf374.22 KB
picket-32.pdf377.19 KB
picket-33.pdf412.4 KB
picket-34.pdf366.69 KB
picket-35.pdf355.21 KB
picket-36.pdf295 KB
picket-37.pdf397 KB
picket-38.pdf689.32 KB
picket-39.pdf322.06 KB
picket-40.pdf362.64 KB
picket-41.pdf418.04 KB
picket-42.pdf436.25 KB
picket-43.pdf423.13 KB

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Mar 12 2010 21:07

I knew Arnie Mintz and, I worked with him before the WAPPING DISRUPT. I helped with the 'Picket'. I would like to send my condolensies to Arnie's Family. We spoke often at our work in Long Lane, south east London. I done the football results @ Picket, but none the less, another good one was lost.
Good night, Good luck and God bless. No religeon.