Sydney's burning: an Australian political conspiracy - Ian Turner

Sydney's burning: an Australian political conspiracy - Ian Turner

A detailed history of the Sydney 12: members of the radical union Industrial Workers of the World, opponents of WWI, who were arrested in 1916 and charged with treason, arson, sedition and forgery. Workers launched a mass campaign in favour of their release.

First written in 1967, this is the revised 1969 edition with lots more information. We recommend you buy this book. You can get the original 1967 version here:

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May 22 2014 19:47


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Kate Sharpley
May 23 2014 09:33

Your Amazon link is to the first edition (1967). The second edition (1969) is the one to get. "Soon after it was first published in a 'hard-cover' edition a large amount of hitherto unknown or inaccessible material became available to the author and he has made full use of it"

May 23 2014 22:23

Is there a link to this please (or am I missing something obvious)?

May 24 2014 00:16

Yeah there doesn't seem to be a link or and attached PDF on this page, and weirdly the older revisions of this page don't have them either??

May 24 2014 11:13

Apologies. It's there now