An anarchist FAQ vol 1

An anarchist FAQ vol 1

The Anarchist FAQ has been one of the standout achievements of the last decade in terms of its rigourous treatment of every aspect of the theory. Its translation from screen to print is long overdue. Something of an encyclopaedic resource for anyone studying anarchism, this weighty tome is a comprehensive guide to the history, theory and practice. The transition from web to page has been long awaited, and this first volume will be an invaluable resource for those interested in finding out more about the philosophy as well as those who are studying at an academic level.

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working class s...
Jan 8 2012 22:31



Jan 29 2013 21:04

This is not the latest version though, does anyone know what version it is on now ? The copyright was dated as 2009 and version 13.1. Infoshop is down so I don't know where else to find out.

Jan 29 2013 21:31

Cached version of Infoshop says v.13.4, Jan-2010.

This link may or may not work for you.

Jan 29 2013 21:35

this one is more reliable and up to date

Jan 29 2013 23:12

if you use debian or ubuntu, you can install it using :

sudo apt-get install anarchism

Jan 29 2013 23:15
no1 wrote:
if you use debian or ubuntu

And if you call yourself an anarchist, you totally should...

Jan 29 2013 23:36
radicalgraffiti wrote:
this one is more reliable and up to date

Yeah, the latest version is 14.0 according to that site. The shame is I cant seem to find a single pdf of it sad