AYN activity round-up, 2003

An email sent out by Anarchist Youth Network in early 2003 - probably February - listing the recent activities of some local AYN groups. It gives a good snapshot of the kinds of activities the network was involved in.

Submitted by Steven. on January 4, 2005

This is the first of a new series of regular mailing from AYN groups around Britain and Ireland. It will include news of what we’ve been up to in the past month or so, as well as articles and news of upcoming actions and events. There should be no more than a couple of emails per week

What we’ve been up to in…

Over the past couple of months, London Anarchist Youth have been mobilising for anti-fascist actions against the National Front and BNP in Finsbury Park with other anarchist groups, as well as collecting money for the firefighters and giving out information about the truth behind the strike in communities and workplaces. LAY has been doing graffiti and subvertising covering a variety of issues, from work to the war on Iraq (some examples here: http://flag.blackened.net/ayn/graff.htm). They’ve also been involved in the campaign to save Crystal Palace Park, in which direct action has been utilised by the local community to reclaim public space, illegally enclosed by the council. People in LAY also organised a meeting about the proposed new prison action network (email [email protected] to get on the egroup) and have been writing to prisoners.

Contact LAY: [email protected]

AYNers in Surrey and the Surrey Anarchist Group have organised an action to coincide with the onset of war with Iraq: on the day after war is declared everyone should try to bunk off work/college and head for Woking Station for 9am in order to disrupt “business as usual” and bring the war home!
Fight the bosses, not their wars!

[email protected]

Essex Youth Resistance have collected a few hundred quid for the firefighters’ strike fund. They have also set up a social centre which was later evicted, and been involved in direct action against GM crop trials, causing thousands of pounds damage. Get in touch with them and help build solidarity in the area!
[email protected]

Swindon Organised Subversives have produced an excellent zine all about anarchy, shoplifting and living your life to the full. To get hold of a copy, email them at
[email protected]

Manchester Anarchist Youth recently hosted the Network Gathering of AYN, and have organised a benefit gig and also been involved in action against the Confederation of British Industry, during which their conference was stormed, and action against Fairford Airfield, in which the base was invaded and disrupted by 50 people. Get in touch:
07816 420 391
[email protected]

Stroud Valleys’ Anarchists have been producing and distributing their almost-regular community paper, the Stroudie.
07817 271205
[email protected]