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Mikhail Bakunin

Book length or pamphlet length (10,000 words+) or otherwise notable biographies of the life of and works about the founder of the Anarchist movement Mikhail Bakunin (1814-1876) with considerable reference to his politics in chronological order. No works by Bakunin except in edited collections or extracts. For works by Bakunin see

Bakunin (1937) E. H. Carr
(Academic - Historian of the Soviet Union)
Hostile biography

Bakunin (1940) Guy Aldred

The political philosophy of Bakunin (1953) G. P. Maximoff
(Anarchist and syndicalist)
By Gregori Maximoff, mentor of Sam Dolgoff with chapters by Max Nettlau and Rudolf Rocker. Reprinted 1964

The legacy of Bakunin (1970) Paul Avrich

Bakunin: Father of Anarchism (1974) Anthony Masters
(Author and biographer)

The collaboration of Necaev, Ogarev and Bakunin in 1869 (1977) Stephen T. Cochrane

The Social and Political Thought of Bakunin (1983) Richard B. Saltman

Bakunin and the Italians (1988) T. R. Ravindranathan

Demanding the Impossible - Chapter 18: Michael Bakunin: The Fanatic of Freedom (1992) Peter Marshall

Mikhail Bakunin: The philosophy of freedom (1993) Brian Morris

Mikhail Bakunin: The philosophical basis of his Anarchism (2002) Paul McLaughlin

Bakunin: The Creative Passion (2010) Mark Leier
(Anarchist academic)

The first socialist schism (2016) Wolfgang Eckhardt

Reflections on Prophecy (2017) Marc B. Young

Bakunin (2017) Miguel Amoros
(Spanish anarchist historian and militant, who was born in Alcoy, Alicante, in 1949)


Bakunin (2000) Madelaine Grawitz


The Life of Mikhail Bakunin Vol 1 (1896) Max Nettlau
The Life of Mikhail Bakunin Vol 2 (189?) Max Nettlau
The Life of Mikhail Bakunin Vol 3 (1900) Max Nettlau
3-volume biography of Bakunin

Michael Bakunin. Ein Lebensbild (1913) Georg Steklow

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Bakunin and Japan (1978) Libero no.5

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a bit older, but still useful:

Bakunin digital – zu seinem 200. Geburtstag

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