Black Flag 220 (2001)

Black Flag 220 (2001)

An issue of the London-based Black Flag magazine from the early 2000s.


  • Editorial
  • Rough In Hackney - East London Borough Goes Bankrupt
  • Mark Barnsley
  • Cock Up Or Conspiracy - Fascists Target Pub
  • Mayday 2001
  • Whistleblowers Get Red Card - Shop Stewards Sacked By Private Benefit Firm
  • Toxic Shock - French Factory Occupation
  • Korean Revival - Anarchist Network Returns
  • Brand News - Swedish Anarchist Magazine Charged With Incitement
  • Nice In Nice - EU Summit Protests
  • Crackdown On Prison Solidarity - Spanish Anarchists Targeted And Arrested
  • A New Intifada - Palestine: Where Now?
  • Postcard From Prague - First Hand Account of S26 Demos
  • Reforming Zeal - Football and Surveillance
  • We're All Staying - Gentrification Struggles in Berlin
  • Secrets and Lies - David Shayler
  • Authoritarians, Vanguards and Anti-Capitalist Movements
  • Curing The English Disease - Working Class Resistance past, present and future
  • Forever In Debt - Strategies for action against debt profiteers
  • Prisoners
  • Review: Free Mumuia Abu Jamal CD
  • Review: Beaten Up, Fitted Up, Locked Up by Mark Barnsley
  • Review: Up Against The Odds
  • Review: The Couriers Are Revolting
  • Review: Anarchism, Marxism and the Future of the Left by Murray Bookchin
  • Review: Wrong Steps - Errors in the Spanish Revolution by Garcia Oliver
  • Review: The Anarchist of Casas Vieja by Jerome Minz
  • Contacts
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