Comparing Fordist cities: urban crisis and union response in Detroit 1915-45 and Turin 1950-75

Detroit's Hudson Motor Car Company off Jefferson Ave.

Essay by Ted Perlmutter comparing the industrial cities of Detroit and Turin, their economies, demographics and the struggles that took place. While we have some criticisms of the article, we reproduce it here for reference as it contains some very interesting information.

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Mar 29 2012 10:11

So having read this, I thought it contained some interesting information but there were bits which I thought needed to be taken with a pinch of salt.. namely, it seemed to gloss over a lot of union politicking which went on, talking about the union as a whole rather than recognising the tensions which existed (and still exist) within them.

Was thinking that this would have to be read alongside something else on the two topics.. probably Robert Lumley's States of Emergency book.. specifically, this chapter..

Dunno about background reading on Detroit.. probably Wartime Strikes (though I never read it all and is about the period just after what's talked about here).. any thoughts?